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Dillewijn Zwapak knows the requirements of reliable transport
Recently cut flowers require functional packaging to protect them during storage and transport. If transportation takes several days, this must not compromise quality or vase life. After all, these are ultimately the prime considerations for consumers, who want to enjoy their beautiful plants and flowers for as long as possible.


Standard packaging products

Packaging also has added value from a commercial point of view, as it is an excellent promotional medium. Dillewijn Zwapak offers a broad range of standard packaging products, such as printed and unprinted sleeves, foil and bouquet holders.

Customised design also possible

If you want packaging that matches your own house style, or would like more distinctive packaging on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas, Dillewijn Zwapak has a highly professional design team that can take a design brief and come up with something surprising. Once a design has been approved, Dillewijn Zwapak takes care of production and delivery according to the highest quality standards. Temporary or long-term storage of packaging materials can also be arranged by Dillewijn Zwapak.

Flower care during transport

Good quality and a long vase life are partly dependent on the transport duration and the treatment of the flowers by the exporters. After flowers have been cut, the petals and leaves must be kept fresh and well hydrated during the journey to the customer.

Dillewijn Zwapak’s allied company Vaselife develops and produces cut flower food for the entire life cycle of flowers, from grower to consumer. Vaselife Universal Pro II is the optimum flower food for transport and storage. It keeps petals and leaves in good condition while preventing the flowers from blooming in full. Vaselife Universal Pro II is available in jerrycans, barrels and IBC containers.

The products of Vaselife enable a long vase life and consequently high customer satisfaction. 

Transport and storage aids

Dillewijn Zwapak supplies an assorted range of buckets for storage and transport. Plastic buckets are available in many shapes, sizes and colours. If you prefer dry transport, Dillewijn Zwapak has a broad selection of cardboard packaging, if desired in keeping with your company image.


Dillewijn Zwapak’s professional export account team is always ready and willing to answer questions from customers and give product advice. You can also contact Dillewijn Zwapak’s account managers if you want specially printed sleeves or foil, or different formats. 

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