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Planet – Sustainability

For our sustainability policy, we don’t just take a distant view but we also look close to home. For instance, we have commissioned the building of new commercial premises in which modern technology and energy efficiency go hand in hand wherever possible. The roof is covered with solar panels that can provide power not just for the business premises (from office lighting to warehouse robots) but also for our fleet of hybrid vehicles.

We try to send mail digitally as much as we can, and if we do use paper for business correspondence or promotional material, we make sure this always bears the FSC® logo denoting compliance with the FSC® environmental standards.



Sustainable packaging - facts & fictions
Many clients ask about the environmental impact of our products and processes. And the group of clients asking critical questions is getting bigger and bigger. We are pleased about that! Most of the questions are about carbon emissions, or the carbon footprint. CO2 is the most common ‘greenhouse gas’ and its increase in the atmosphere significantly contributes to global warming. Furthermore, more and more questions are being asked about possible alternatives for traditional plastic (PP) packaging, recyclability and the sources of materials. It’s about more than just CO².

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FSC® and PEFC™
In Q4 2018 we obtained FSC® and PEFC™ certification. This certification implies that we are committed to maximising efforts to use as much paper from responsible sources as possible in the near future for products that are currently made of plastic, such as sleeves and foil. We select our suppliers on the basis of FSC® and PEFC™ principles. Besides paper, we also believe strongly in the use of recycled materials as a basis for our products. We like to encourage our customers to be proactive and enthusiastic in choosing such products.



FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council
FSC® is an international, non- profit organisation that focuses on the promotion of responsible forestry with consideration for the ecological, social and economical value of the forest.

With FSC® certification, Dillewijn Zwapak can demonstrate as a supplier that all its business processes comply with the FSC® International Standard and that an article does indeed have FSC® approval. This makes it possible for us to use and sell FSC®-certified articles.

More information on FSC® can be found here: www.fsc.org.



PEFC™ - Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes
The international PEFC™ quality mark guarantees that wood and paper products have been obtained from sustainably managed forests with equal consideration for people, planet and profit.

As a certified organisation, Dillewijn Zwapak supports the PEFC™ objective relating to the use of raw materials from sustainable forestry.

More information on PEFC™ can be found here: https://pefcnederland.nl/.

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