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Dillewijn Zwapak and Flower Factor inspire with new video series ‘Florists’ essentials’


Flow Factor Dillewijn Zwapak, the leading company in packaging solutions, floristry articles and decoration material, and Flower Factor, the international platform for floral inspiration and education, join forces for the new and inspiring video series ‘Florists’ essentials’. Floral designer Pim van den Akker and his team show florists the endless possibilities that the products of Dillewijn Zwapak have to offer. The series will show quick designs and original ideas that can be used by every florist.

“As a supplier of packaging for the horticultural branch, we like to connect with other premium brands which hold the same values: innovation, creativity and sustainability. That’s why we are excited to work with Flower Factor and Pim van den Akker”, says Age Siebbeles, Marketing Manager Dillewijn Zwapak, about the cooperation. He continues: “As no other, Pim knows how to combine flowers and plants with packaging and decorative elements to create unique designs. I think what distinguishes Pim as a master florist, is that he simplifies the creation process in a way that every florist can take inspiration from his idea and turn it into their own design.”

Dillewijn Zwapak is leading when it comes to developing and supplying packaging for flowers and plants. Dillewijn Zwapak is internationally recognised as a company that highly values sustainability, innovation and Flow Factorcreativity. Key elements that will be discussed in the new video series. Siebbeles: “Pim and his team have a lot of enthusiasm and educational skills to inspire florists to go above and beyond with their floral designs, so they can distinguish themselves from the competition, using our products. How to simply create original and surprising bouquets and flower arrangements, that’s what we are going to share!”

The first episode of ‘Florists’ essentials’ is now available:

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