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Dillewijn Zwapak introduces ‘Selected’


Dillewijn Zwapak introduces ‘Selected’.

Dillewijn Zwapak, the specialist when it comes to packaging products and florist articles, is introducing a series of special items for florists, arrangers and window dressers under the name ‘Selected’. Items not only perfect for your own professional use, but which can also be sold to consumers.

Items in the ‘Selected’ category are from specialised and renowned suppliers that, due to their high quality, are invited by Dillewijn Zwapak to become a ‘Selected’ partner. As a result, customers have a wider range of products to choose from. You can place orders for smaller amounts and for multiple deliveries, which arrive within 2 – 7 working days.

The following well-known suppliers are part of ‘Selected’:
Ter Steege – ceramic pots for inside and outside, wooden decorative accessories
Goldina – selected range of luxury ribbons
Paper Art – wide range of greeting cards
Dijk Natural Collection – decorative items made from various natural materials
We will soon increase the number of ‘Selected’ partners.

The entire ‘Selected’ range, now including over 1,000 items, is available in the Dillewijn Zwapak webshop. You can also see and feel them in person if you’d like: part of the product range is available at Dillewijn Zwapak in the Waterdrinker Green Trade Center.


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