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Hearing from our exhibitor


Exposant aan het woord

My name is Paul Könst, and I have happily worked on the Dillewijn Zwapak sales team for years. For a few years, I have been in charge of our stands at TICA in Aalsmeer as well as at Trends & Trade in Venlo. The best part about my job is the daily contact with customers, in which I can advise them on packaging and decorative products.

Where can we find you?
We have a large sales area in the blue hall at TICA (H14/16/18). It’s easily recognizable by the Dillewijn Zwapak logo with the red flower.

What’s in your collection?
Dillewijn Zwapak has an incredibly broad range of packaging solutions, floral items and decorative products. We cannot put all of that in the TICA stand. Therefore, we have a carefully compiled range of products, targeted towards typical TICA customers. This includes gift wrap, (on rolls and gift bags), ribbon, decorative bags, all kinds of Christmas decorations and tools like scissors, thorn strippers, price tags etc.

Which product should you have in your cart?
An absolute must this season is our nature-based items, like: kraft paper bags, paper, bags and string. The pastels are also a must. And our chalkboards of course, which are very nicely priced.

Why buy from ‘Dillewijn Zwapak’?
That seems clear to me. The Dillewijn Zwapak collection is always ‘with the times’ as our buyers and designers follow trendwatchers. We also always have a wide range of products in stock, which is necessary for florists and retailers to run their daily business. We believe our customers should be able to rely on good quality and service. That is why we are there for them with a smile, every day!

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