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The vision of Dillewijn Zwapak on sustainability:

Respect for people and planet

Packing is our passion at Dillewijn Zwapak. Our packaging protects and/or decorates flowers and plants. More and more often, people take an environmentally critical look at packaging. As a producer and supplier, we are aware that we have a responsibility for people and planet.

That is why sustainability plays an important role in our corporate mission:

Dillewijn Zwapak wants to be the leading organization for all those involved in the horticultural industry by innovation in sustainable processes and products. We supply packaging, floristry articles and decoration material with respect for people and the planet.

We continuously assess whether our actions are sustainable for people and planet. In this we are transparent, we take initiatives and we are keen to learn. We invest in knowledge, machinery and long-term relationships with our partners. We adapt our business processes where necessary. Not greenwashing, but demonstrable sustainability, where we engage with scientific research and independent certifications.

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